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Use this page to log in and register with OLLB Spring (Instructional), or create a new account HOW TO REGISTER WITH OLLB Spring (Instructional)'s 2021 SEASON

REGISTERING FOR A SEASON? If the Season: pick list on the left offers a choice of more than one season, make sure you choose the correct season. If you already have a LeagueGM account, please login below. If you can avoid it, DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. It will delay your registration.

If you forgot your Password, please click the Forgotten Password button on the left

Username and Password are both case sensitive.  For example, if your password is "Lemon", you cannot login if you type "LEMON", or "lemon", or "LeMoN"

If you do not have a LeagueGM account, or cannot retreive the password for it, then click the Register Myself or Family Member button on on the left, to create a new account. As you proceed, you will be asked again to search for your existing account. If you find it but cannot log in, you will at least be able to identify it for us so we can merge your new account with the existing account. Otherwise, your account history and other family members (if any) will be not be available


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